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Medical Instrumentation
Cancer screening, tissue analysis and diagnostic equipment. Scientific engineers develop new diagnostic medical instrumentation and continue to streamline and stay at the forefront of today’s cutting edge technology.
Solar Industries
Commercial solar field frame kits and military off grid cooling applications.
CCM provides products to the solar industry to further support our planets future in processing renewable energy.
Pro Audio Equipment           
Microphone actuators and rack mount equipment.
Laser Diode
Industrial equipment.

Telecommunication equipment
Telco cabinets, fiber patch equipment, reducer plates, wireloom ladders. The service personnel in this industry depend on quality metal parts to facilitate cite maintenance as well as for new installations. Safe, reliable and a stable flow of products remain a priority in this industry.
Electronic instrumentation, panels, enclosures for commercial applications.
Process Equipment
Water flow and process control units.
Plasma and science technology.
Air Distribution
Industrial air diffuser products. 
Restaurant Supplies
Serving bowls, condiment containers, serving trays and tables.